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Pokemon No-Go at school

Some people here love Pokemon Go They think it's really fun, In the holidays they were out and about Catching more than one. We are sure there may be some students here Who think it would be good, To bring their phone and app to... Read more

Semester 2 Student Statements

Semester 2 Student Statements will be sent home today. This individual statement will include all activities for the remainder of the year. Copies of all notes have also been placed in the 'Notes' section of the website for your... Read more

Barnier Welfare Policy

Vimeo video: http://vimeo.com/167844275 This video presentation, quickly goes through the Barnier PS Welfare Policy. The policy ensures that all students have the opportunity to learn in a happy and safe learning environment.... Read more

Our Motto ‘Challenging the Future’ is a reflection of our belief that schools should not only support student learning for today, but also develop students to reach their full potential to become life-long learners who are outstanding citizens.